Courses and Clinics

Long Lining Workshops

Long Lining is a fantastically useful skill. Not just for starters and youngsters, it’s an excellent way to exercise the rehabilitating horse, the older horse, the exuberant/over-stabled horse – in fact, any fairly sound horse! Lateral work, jumping, transitions, all can be introduced or improved on long-lines. It’s great for warming up you and your horse before riding as these colder months come in. Once you’ve achieved a certain level of proficiency, it can be an effective and safe(r) way to deal with problems, such as spooking and napping. More importantly, it’s fun to do and can give you many insights into your horse’s way of going. You might also find that your riding benefits from a different perspective.

Introductory workshops start Spring 2019, and are priced at £75 for 3-4 hours (depending on the number of participants, but group sizes will be small to allow for optimal learning). Even if you already do some long-lining, you may find these introductory workshops will consolidate and enhance your understanding and abilities, and fill in any gaps. Follow up workshops will also be available, to enable you to deepen and broaden your skills. Workshops take place on Saturdays (although weekdays may also be available), and follow-up private or shared lessons can be booked on Sundays.

Workshops on other key skills (Body Language, Seat-Training, Work in Hand, Work on the Single Line, Spook Busting, Leading) will also be available.