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A Day in the Life of the Cotswold Horse Whisperers, 18

May 2011

Well, we’ve been talking for ages about doing something about the field ornaments. Not to complete minimalist standards, but just to de-clutter a little. To this end, we’re delighted that Free Be and Asterix have found a home with an ex working pupil, even if it is likely to be only for a year. They seem very happy. And we’ve definitely noticed the difference when mucking out the dry-as-a-bone fields. But as is so often the way, we also found ourselves taking another horse in – but this time he’s a mini shetland who bucks the trend for his breed’s reputation by being a SAINT.  Two 16hh chestnuts replaced by a 8hh-er. That is a good exchange. The kids love him, and he tolerates a lot. I think he might be set to be the fittest shetland ever.

Well of course it hasn’t rained, and of course it’s causing concern about hay for next winter and so on. But at least the horses are almost all a reasonable weight, even if some do resemble hamsters: we’ve had a few cases of “grass glands” which the vet described a little vaguely as “a reaction to something or other, probably in the hedgerow, around this time of year.” Apparently  a hot, dry Spring makes it worse, but it should go away soon. Offers to treat with steroids politely declined!

Reducing the numbers has somehow given us more time to work with the horses, and for the first time ever, everyone is doing something – even Misty, who is being prepared as a child’s second pony. She won’t be needed for a few years, but I suspect we’ll need that time! Early work is going well, though, and she would make a spirited, exciting dressage horse if only she were more than 11 hands high! We’ve also found ourselves with more time on our hands (and less money) due to the departure of a long term training horse who flew to the States last week. Export papers, DEFRA, and a last minute kick to the knee made for a tense time, but he’s landed safely and five days later is nearly at his new home.  We just hope they showed suitable in-flight movies!

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