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A Day in the Life of the Cotswold Horse Whisperers, 19

July 2011

Our decluttering has continued in an even more ruthless fashion, with the actual selling of a horse! The second one in fourteen years. Whilst this doesn’t exactly make us dealers, it was very satisfying nevertheless. The horse in question is none other than the infamous High Flyer. We miss him around the yard, of course. It isn’t the same being able to leave a wheelbarrow full of muck in the yard and knowing it won’t get knocked over, nor being able to put tack on the gate and not have it chewed. But we’re delighted that he’s gone to a fantastic home, where he settled in immediately and seems very pleased to be getting lots of one to one attention. I’m sure they have wheelbarrows for him to knock over, and saddles of the very highest quality to chew.

We were pleased of course to finally see some rain, but got bad news from out hay maker, who surveyed our fields and decreed them not worth cutting. Ouch! All the more reason to be pleased we have fewer horses on site.

As is the constant pulse checking and monitoring as a result of the rain and sunshine we’ve been having! Luckily, if we have to keep them off the grass, Red the shetland pony can always come in the house (as he did so for the first time last week  – it was really only a matter of time), and a few of them seem impervious to grass sugars so it’s not too daunting a prospect.

We’ve been busy with horses and courses, too, and lots of teaching, but our main preoccupation for seemingly ages has been sorting out our new website. This has been a truly gargantuan task, as it has also necessitated being clear about our actual business. Hmmm. Much discussion and many more hours in front of a screen than is reasonable, and burning many candles at both ends and in the middle, and we’re finally live! It’s still very open to tweaking, and adding, and we now finally recognise the ongoing nature of the beast.

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