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A Day in the Life of the Cotswold Horse Whisperers, 12

By February 15, 2012August 19th, 2015A Day in the Life of the Cotswold Horse Whisperers, Blogs

March 2010

At last! Some warm weather after the coldest winter in 31 years. It’s lovely to feel that Spring might really be on its way and that the snow could become a distant memory!

We’ve been doing a series of  Sunday Skills sessions since the beginning of the year, which have proved very popular. Some have been themed – Seat Training, or In-Hand, or Long-lining, and others have been more open-ended, giving us the opportunity to explore whatever issues arise for the participants. We’re also really pleased to be able to offer these in the current “economic climate” – very accessible at just £50 per day, which is between 4-7 hours, depending on the number of participants. They’ve also been good preparation for our longer clinics, which are now starting in earnest.

The yard has suffered from the severe weather and lack of time, and there is even mud in the field, which is a rare occurrence for us. But we’re delighted to welcome another new working pupil, Ruth, who is with us full time, and we’re looking forward to everything  being ship-shape soon! It’s an exciting opportunity to have someone on site to teach over a long period of time, and very satisfying to see the progress being made. After a few months of being in survival mode, just looking after the horses’ basic needs, and, quite frankly, wondering what it’s all for, we now have a real community of keen learners that will benefit our horses enormously, and the wider horse population, too!

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