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Corporate Courses

The Horse Whispers Back: Imagine the potential of harnessing the power of horses into your business team.

The foreign language and culture of horses – first defined by Monty Roberts in a dictionary of Equus – provides a great opportunity for us to witness the power of communication, provide tests of your capacity to adapt and think on your feet, and observe how we are seen by others without the emotional context of human social norms, and outside of the office with its culture.

For those who have seldom or never been so near to such a big animal, it is sure to put them on the edge of their comfort zone before they have even begun. For those who have a love of horses already, an encounter with our remarkably diverse herd may bring still greater insights into the way they work and interact with their team.

The Horse Whispers Back, our half-day or one day corporate team building program in partnership with Samantha Southey, can be seen below. Please contact us to discuss what this could mean for you.