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More information about our courses

Who Are They For?

We have all sorts of horses and riders attending the clinics, from absolute beginners to serious competitors. Sometimes people bring horses who are just about to come back into work after a lengthy period, and would like to re-back them in a skilled and safe environment. People have come on a clinic to learn how to long-line their youngsters, or to prepare a young horse for foot trimming. Sometimes people bring horses that they have just bought, to help them get off to the best start. The only horses these courses are really not appropriate for are severe remedial cases – confirmed buckers or rearers for example.

When we focus on the riding, we look at:

  • The rider’s positioning, stability, movement, suppleness and balance through seat analysis and seat training.
  • The clear and ethical use of the aids
  • Confidence and communication issues
  • Lateral work without tears – it’s easy!
  • Transitions, including rein-back
  • The horse’s willingness to participate in the process.
  • Safety issues, such as standing still.
  • We can also look at tack and saddle suitability and fit, and hoof health.

With a maximum of 8 participants per course, all practical tuition is on a one-to-one basis, which enables us to cater to the individual’s needs. This means that even very nervous or novice riders are well looked after.

The  Courses run from 9 or 10am  to 5-6pm, and everyone has two practical sessions per day, one hour in the morning and a shorter afternoon session of about 45 minutes, with group theory sessions to support this learning.

Horses don’t need to be particularly fit, and if you are worried about how your horse will cope with a clinic, you should consider booking additional time on the Arrival Day, charged at an hourly rate of £44 per hour.

Notes / FAQ

  • Lessons are generally one-to-one.
  • Study the subject of your choice- practical and theoretical, ridden and ground work- in the school, stable, paddock, round pen or out and about.
  • Friday (Arrival Day) is a day on which we will be available for lessons and will give priority to settling in horses who arrive for the clinic. You are encouraged to come as early as you wish. You may then watch and take lesson time.
  • A Friday session generally lasts an hour or more and often includes Join-Up ® and leading/groundwork/manners work. Horses are acclimatised to the surroundings. This helps make the weekend safer and more enjoyable. This can be done on the Sat instead, or indeed repeated again.
  • Sessions charged at the usual hourly rate (£44 + £6/horse hire if app)
  • If you are bringing a horse, but arriving in time on Friday to do a session is impossible, then only £15 will be charged for the overnight livery.
  • If you are not bringing a horse, you can still come on the Friday and have Private Lesson time @ £50/hr (inc hire of horse), or spectate.
  • 30% discount scheme applies to Weekend Clinics and Extra Clinic Days ONLY. Friday prices, hire of horses, livery, spectating, hourly lessons, and callouts are not subject to cumulative discount scheme. See Costs link for prices of all our services.
  • Experienced horses, familiar with Moor Wood or capable of turning up somewhere and being tacked straight up and ridden, can as readily come on Sat AM – in any case if you need to, please discuss this with us. We always aim to be flexible.
  • Monday and Tuesday, extra lessons are available for the extra zealous to supplement the usual clinic input of one hour lesson in the morning and 45 mins in the afternoon each day.
  • A callout counts as a first clinic, i.e. if you have a call out first and then come on a clinic, you qualify for 10% discount already. Similarly, any significant visit for tailored tuition would count as another step up the discount ladder for a future clinic.
  • Spectators are welcome. Click this link for details.