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Need help? Problem Horse?

… Or just want to improve your riding?

Adam Goodfellow, Monty Roberts, Nicole Golding

Welcome to the home of Nicole Golding and Adam Goodfellow. Our Callouts, Courses and Tailored Tuition could transform the relationship you have with your horse. Recommended by Kelly Marks, we use the most ethical and effective methods- Intelligent Horsemanship. Click on the links to find out more about us and work out your best course of action.

Ground Skills
Join-Up ®, Leading and handling horses, long lining and classical work-in-hand – amazing skills that you can learn.
Riding Skills
Discover what really works! Seat training, effective aids and communication, dynamic position analysis, asymmetry solutions and more.
Problem Solving
Got a bad loader? Lack confidence? Spooky horse? Issues with clipping, napping, mounting, handling feet or catching? We have lasting solutions and many years of experience.
Give your Horse the Best Start
The horse’s initial education has a lasting effect. Why not give your horse the very best start, and learn skills yourself at the same time?
As close as you can get to natural living for your horse. Our herd enjoys year-round grazing in sheltered fields. Lovely hacking and facilities, too.
Educational, informative, fun. We usually do demonstrations to raise money for a charity or event. Think you could host one?
Personal and Professional Development
An encounter with our herd of very individual horses can be a powerful catalyst for change. Facilitated in partnership with trained professionals.
our books Our Books
Get your signed copies of Born To Whisper and Whispering Back straight from the authors Nicole Golding and Adam Goodfellow.