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Intelligent Horsemanship

The Intelligent Horsemanship Association (IHA) was founded by Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts in 1998 to offer practical help to horse owners. We are dedicated to bringing the best ideas together from around the world in an effort to promote understanding and fair treatment of horses. We seek to make the world a better place, for horses and people.

With Monty during the visit he made to Moor Wood with award-winning US programme ABC Nightline

The Intelligent Horsemanship Association endorses Recommended Associates (RAs) to work with these methods. The RAs have completed the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship, Intermediate Courses and further studies. Nicole has been recommended by Kelly since 1996 and a Tutor on the IH courses since 1998. Adam became an RA in 1999.

An encounter with previously uncatchable Misty

To find out more about other courses run by Intelligent Horsemanship, to join the IH Association, buy tickets for Monty’s demonstrations, or merchandise including dually halters, long lines, books, DVDs and much more, visit

For one of the most informative equestrian web sites in the world, subscribe to Monty’s Online University at

Nicole and Adam with Monty and Kelly shortly before the launch of Whispering Back, 2003