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Horseman, clinician and author, Mark Rashid

By June 28, 2011August 19th, 2015Blogs

Mark Rashid

Mark is a horseman, clinician and author of numerous excellent books. He has worked at barns in Colorado for most of his life. He first came to the attention of Adam and Nicole when they saw him teach a clinic in about 2000. Since then we have seen him many times and never tire of watching his enjoyable mix of practicality and wisdom, his understated brilliance and rapport-building horsemanship.

Mark’s books are very special and we recommend them to all. In particular we enjoyed his first three books Considering the Horse, A Good Horse Is Never A Bad Color, and Horses Never Lie, and his last book of that genre, Whole Heart, Whole Horse. If you liked Whispering Back we are sure you’d love his absorbing, well-told stories.

Mark spends a lot of the year on the road teaching clinics in the USA and we do not see him in the UK nearly enough! His web site is

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