Minimise your costs

We understand that many people would like to have our services and can’t find the money to have as much training as they would like. There are several ways in which you can learn with us, and avoid paying our usual rates and yet still make a great contribution to us in return.

Accommodation can be the biggest expense people face when coming to visit Moor Wood.  To minimise this cost, look at the link.

Spectating: One of the best of these great-value options is to spectate on a clinic or lessons and trainings which are taking place on many non-clinic days. This may not seem to be what you need if you have a major problem with your horse, and you could be right, but this is still a really good idea for most people. Assuming you were watching some work which had relevance to your personal circumstances, you would get a lot of ideas of how to start the work you need to do. The more of it you can do yourself, the less it will cost to have our help for the rest of it, even if you still need our help.

Save on consultations with others. Consider carefully whether you really need to have consultations with another professional. Spend the money you need to on the right one.

Host a clinic: We could come and teach a clinic at your home or a suitable venue near you. There is some work involved because in order to earn yourself a session you will need to assemble other riders and arrange a suitable venue.

Host a clinic and demonstration: Now we have a way for you to earn a substantial amount, in the region of £1000, as well as free training, if you have the talent and graft necessary to find a suitable venue, advertise and get the word around, and find some other riders.

Volunteering: We always need help around the place. We never seem to have enough helpers to send away those who volunteer. This can be on a casual as-and-when basis, or a regular day or days every week, or for a short intensive period. We will give you opportunities to learn in exchange, and may also offer opportunities to other working pupils to assist you in your learning.

A client being instructed in long lining by a working pupil