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Need help? Problem Horse? Want better grazing?

… Or just want to improve your riding?

Adam Goodfellow, Monty Roberts, Nicole GoldingAdam Goodfellow, Monty Roberts, Nicole Golding

We can help!

Cotswold Natural Livery

As close as you can get to natural living for your horse.  Our barefoot herd enjoys year-round grazing in sheltered fields. Lovely hacking and facilities, too. Spaces now available. Click here to read more about our livery.


Bad loader? Lack confidence? Spooky horse? Issues with clipping, napping, mounting, handling feet or catching? A callout or appointment is a very effective way of dealing with a problem or learning with your horse at home.  Find out more or request a callout.


Regular, ongoing coaching is a fantastic way to transform your riding and ground work abilities. Lessons can also complement more intensive work. There are many options – find out more.

Intensives/Tailored Tuition

Intensives allow you to tailor your tuition to best suit your needs. A great way to kick-start your learning, or to start a youngster, or deal with an issue.  Find out how an Intensive could work for you.

Workshops / Clinics

Hosting a clinic is an excellent way to acquire cost-effective learning for you and your friends. Click here to find out about clinics at your yard, and about clinics we offer at Moor Wood.

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Welcome to the home of Nicole Golding and Adam Goodfellow, authors of Whispering Back and Born to Whisper.

Just wanted to let you know how moving I found your
book. I could not put it down and was in tears several times. I am SO
GRATEFUL that people like you are doing such great work with horses
Thank you. Lori

Click here to buy


Horses to Share: A rare opportunity to have a part share in one of two horses here on livery at Moor Wood.

Skills Workshops:  The new summer dates are coming soon!

Livery Spaces: We now have a couple of spaces available. Fabulous hacking, and the days are getting longer…. Great grazing, with a real mix of beneficial plants.  Friendly yard with quality coaching and assistance available for any issue. Help with transitioning to barefoot.   Let you and your horse enjoy the good life! Find out more about our livery.


Connect With Us

What Our Clients Say

“The most valuable part of the clinics is the wonderful effect you have had on my relationship with my daughter… Your philosophy and approach has the most profound effect on relationships and I only wish I had encountered it much earlier in my daughter’s life. I know, however, just as your ways can transform… here to read more

A.D. (Devon)

“Since your visit to me last year, Halle and I have completely turned a corner. It’s as though something finally clicked that day and we now have the great partnership I always wanted. She really is my best pal! I feel she trusts me and I trust her. We are loading regularly and attending… here to read more

N.H. (Gloucs)


Ways we can help

Ground Skills

Join-Up ®, Leading and handling horses, long lining and classical work-in-hand -Amazing skills that you can learn.

Click Here for more about Ground Skills

Riding Skills

Discover what really works! Seat trainingeffective aids and communicationdynamic position analysisasymmetry solutions and more.

Click Here for more about Riding Skills 

Problem Solving

Got a bad loader? Lack confidence? Spooky horse? Issues with clipping, napping, mounting, handling feet or catching?  We have lasting solutions and many years of experience.

Click here for more about Problem Solving 

Starting Youngsters

The horse’s initial education has a lasting effect. Why not give your horse the very best start, and learn skills yourself at the same time?

Click here for more on Starting Youngsters


A day in the life of…

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