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First can I start by saying a HUGE thank you for all you work and help today, he has never loaded like that before. In the 2 and a half years we have had him! It was amazing to watch… even if he did try to find ‘a way out’ at the end, it was rectified!
You told me to send you me an email with what I though we had done and achieved today, well first I can say that we I think we achieved a whole lot more today than we have ever achieved in a session of a few hours. I hope that the bond between Foggy and I will be strengthened with more respect on both sides of the relationship. I think that the work we started out on,
just in the stable door really gave an example of in time what we will fully achieve in the trailer. And although, as you say today we were about 50/60% today, I feel that you are right when you say that there is still room to improve. I speak for mum and I when I say that we could not believe that by lunch time he was happily walking in and out, something mum and I have very rarely been able to see. And although we had a hiccup (my fault… but it was bound to happen!) I have to say, I think I expected him to re-think the trailer malarkey after a few hours. However, it was fabulous to see that you can work through that to achieve the results we did, I think this is something that will help me on the ground and when I am sat on him too. I hope that we will soon be the owners of a dually Head collar, as I think that he was a little blasé when It came to his opinion of his head collar, I hope to do a lot more groundwork with Him aswell, I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Thank you SO much again.

R.O. (S. Wales)

“The most valuable part of the clinics is the wonderful effect you have had on my relationship with my daughter. Post divorce, I have often found myself despairing, to the extent that I welcomed her request to board as the only way I could envisage us existing under the same roof. I left the Easter clinic with my relationship with my daughter transformed into a positive relationship based on understanding and openness and this transformation continued on this latest clinic. Your philosophy and approach has the most profound effect on relationships and I only wish I had encountered it much earlier in my daughter’s life. I know, however, just as your ways can transform our relationships with our horses, they can bring about an equally powerful change in our relationships with one another, no matter how far down the road we have traveled in the wrong direction.”

A.D. (Devon)

Since your visit to me last year, Halle and I have completely turned a corner. It’s as though something finally clicked that day and we now have the great partnership I always wanted. She really is my best pal! I feel she trusts me and I trust her. We are loading regularly and attending a lot of the riding club rallies and having great fun together. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you SO MUCH. I have no doubt that whatever you taught has changed me and not the horse, she was always alright, it was the silly owner who needed help!

N.H. (Glos)