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In the current “economic climate”, in particular, we understand that there will be those who cannot afford to pay full or even cut rates. Please look at this section on ways to save or even make money, whilst receiving training from us.

Our working pupil being seat trained by a short-term work experience student

The economic downturn has opened up opportunities as well as removing some. The number of people asking to volunteer in exchange for learning opportunities has increased greatly, enabling us to avoid paying for the labour we need with cash.

Any age of volunteer will be considered!

We always need help, whether it’s to muck out the fields, look after the children, mow the lawns or clean the yard, tack room and house. We could always use help from those with expertise in, for example, gardening, using the chain saw, child care, massage (equine and human), vegetarian cooking, painting and decorating. For those with no skills at all, the muck scoops beckon! If you (or your partner) have a skill which we are in need of, we are often happy to make a work exchange of equal or similar value. Of course, we reserve the right to refuse an offer, and may request a part payment in cash. We have to pay the rent at the end of the month, with money!

Uniform will not be provided

We frequently have short-term work experience volunteers from college, and longer term working pupils (email us if you are interested).