***Massive News!!***

We have relocated!

After 20 wonderful years at Moor Wood Stables, we have, literally, moved on to pastures new.

Still in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, our herd now enjoys the very best of natural living, in a spectacular “secret” valley. Surrounded by native English trees, wild garlic and bluebell woods and more than thirty acres of varied horse-friendly grazing, they are leading as close to a natural lifestyle as possible, whilst still receiving careful daily care.

We are keeping the herd fairly small (nine members currently), to allow for really exceptional grazing conditions, but would consider one or perhaps two more suitable horses or ponies to join the gang.

This beautiful valley is a wonderful place to relax and de-stress, but the arrangements don’t lend themselves to a quick visit to throw a horse around the school (we don’t have a school), so is better suited to a retired horse, a youngster, or someone with plenty of time.


In terms of other aspects of our business – lessons, callouts, and consultations, it’s business as usual.



“At the heart of their journey, as in mine, lies a burning desire to do what’s right for the horse.”

– Monty Roberts

Adam Goodfellow, Monty Roberts and Nicole Golding


Bad loader? Lack confidence? Spooky horse? Issues with clipping, napping, mounting, handling feet or catching? A callout or appointment is a very effective way of dealing with a problem or learning with your horse at home.



Regular, ongoing coaching is a fantastic way to transform your riding and ground work abilities. Lessons can also complement more intensive work.


Cotswold Natural Livery (Nearly Full)

**We are now nearly full at our new location, but we know that many people are struggling with unsuitable conditions for their horses. Contact us if you need help.**



Hosting a clinic is an excellent way to acquire cost-effective learning for you and your friends. Find out about clinics at your yard and about clinics we offer at Moor Wood.

Workshops...  Clinics...

“Just wanted to let you know how moving I found your book. I could not put it down and was in tears several times. I am SO GRATEFUL that people like you are doing such great work with horses. Thank you.” Lori