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Cotswold Natural Livery

How we maintain a natural, trouble-free environment for your horse

  • Natural living as a herd
  • Year round turnout
  • Excellent grazing
  • Health & fitness due to terrain

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The terrain at “The Lynches” is beautifully suited to a natural equine lifestyle. Surrounded by steeply banked native English woodland, the land is “tiered” rather than the more typical steep banks of the Cotswold Hills. This allows for good levels of fitness as the horses move around, but is easier on the older horse with stiffer joints.

There are spring-fed troughs and streams, and plenty of deep, natural shade and shelter, allowing the horses to be out but comfortable all year. We have already seen an improvement in fitness, muscle tone, comfort (in those with arthritis and joint issues), hoof quality, and breathing, and they were out a lot at our previous location, enjoying a good level of natural living there. The horses spend a lot of time interacting as a herd, and they enjoy having such a lot of space – nearly 30 acres for just 10 horses or so.

We no longer religiously muck out the fields, but we do clear certain areas, and the sheep do a very good job of keeping down the worm egg numbers and the undesirable weeds (they have a particular fondness for dock).

The land has benefitted from several years of rest, and the herbage is very horse-friendly – lots of beneficial and nutritious plant varieties, with no Italian rye-grass, or other unsuitable species. The intention is to continue grazing with low-intensity to avoid the issues of over-grazed, stressed grasses.

We are right next to the Miserden Estate and within hacking distance of Cirencester Park. Most of the horses in the herd are retired, with owners often living some distance away. However, someone who wanted to spend an afternoon enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery the Cotswolds has to offer whilst spending time with an extremely happy herd, would be hard-pressed to find anywhere better.


Livery Pricing

Full livery: Includes hay and daily care: £93 per week.

Training and teaching available at the reduced rate of £44 per hour (normally £50).