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We have found that video consultations have been remarkably effective at helping with a wide range of situations, and have either replaced or minimised face-to-distanced-face visits.

They can be done over Zoom, Facetime, or Skype, and can be either theory-based or more practical, with you and your horse in real time.

You don’t have to have a problem with your horse to use this opportunity!

No travel fees involved, either!




We’ll come to you!

A callout or appointment is a very useful way of dealing with a problem or learning with your horse at home. It’s often best to deal with an issue where the horse lives: a bad loader, for instance, or a nappy horse that has a problem with a particular route.  Maybe there is a group of you who can all share the cost of travel, and learn together. You may be able to offset your costs, or even make a profit, if you are able to attract and charge spectators, by arranging a clinic at your home, maybe coupled with a demonstration.

Costs: We charge £50 per hour, and £30 per hour for travelling. So if you live half an hour away (travelling at the speed limit), the round-trip call out fee would be £30, with the training charged on top.

If it’s a long journey to an appointment, and then a very difficult issue, we could clock up a very long, 12 or 14 hour day. However, when working with an individual, we will never charge more than £375 total. If we’ve worked for those sorts of hours on a series of different horses, however, we would charge the yard/clinic rate of £495.

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