Dynamic Rider Analysis

Perhaps better known as biomechanics, dynamic rider analysis is about working out what the rider is doing with their body and how it affects the horse, the movements they’re trying to achieve, and their own comfort and effectiveness. Whilst seat training on its own will improve balance, co-ordination, suppleness and confidence, unless it is done mindfully with the optimal rider positioning being the ultimate goal, some of the potential effectiveness will be lost.

Years of studying Mary Wanless’ Ride With Your Mind approach have given us an exceptional “eye” for what’s really going on, and although we don’t incorporate every aspect of her practice into our training, it’s a massive advantage to be able to really understand how the rider’s body needs to function to get the best out of horse and rider.

Incorporating this knowledge with effective use of the aids, and exercises to improve co-ordination, timing, and feel creates a very powerful, easily understood, accessible approach.