List of charges

Please click here if you are trying to economise as much as possible. You could have free training  if you host a clinic or demonstration.

Skills Workshops:

£75 for 3-4 hours. Depends on number of participants but numbers will be small to maximise learning.

Special Offer! Come on two or more clinics, and each will cost just £65! Hurry, before the Marketing Manager gets in trouble with the Accountant.  

Rates for hourly work – callouts, lessons, tailored tuition:

Hourly rate for training/consultation work: £46

£6 per hour hire of horse if applicable.

Travelling: £30 per hour (if applicable).

Short term livery: £20 per night (if applicable).

Maximum daily rate for an individual: £325, including travel

Maximum daily rate for a yard/clinic £475, including travel


£99 per week

For more about livery click here


Assessment with written report:

A full consultation and assessment of your current or proposed enterprise from both of us with a full written report and recommendations. £1100 based on a medium sized operation. Please enquire for a more detailed quote.


Horse Share:

Have a share in a horse for just £15 per day. So if you want to come up and see/work/ride a horse for 2 days a week, it would cost just £30 per week, with no further commitment. All the fun and significantly less commitment than owning your own.


Please see the link here.

Real life examples:

Come here with your own horse for a one hour lesson: cost £46

Come here for a lesson on one of our horses. Half hour theory, one hour ridden, total cost £22 + £46 +£6 = £74

Call us out to work on an issue, from half an hour away: Travelling £30, work done 3 hours, total cost £30 + £138 = £168

Come for an intensive with a friend, bringing horses, sharing all sessions: 5 hours per day: 5 x £46 +2 x £20 = £260 which is £130 per day each

Training livery, long term: £99 per week, plus 3 hours training: £237 per week

Please see “Give your horse the best start” for more information on charges for horses here for training.