Are you sitting comfortably?

We often talk about horses having  a “good” or “bad” rein, but how much is this to do with rider asymmetry making it difficult for the horse to function well on both reins? Or does the asymmetry belong to the horse, or the saddle? Unravelling this riddle can be complicated. All three variables- horse, rider and saddle- can be simultaneously at fault, and can act to cancel each other out as well as compound and amplify their imperfections. Friendly advice from onlookers to “raise your right shoulder”, or “bring your left leg back” not only doesn’t address the core issue, it could actually introduce more problems than it solves, and possibly cause injury in the process.

We have highly effective, easily understood strategies for reducing asymmetries. Not only will your horse thank you for it and be able to move more easily under saddle, it may save you from physical problems in later life!