If you have not seen IH-type ground handling in action then it is easy to think nothing can change about how your horse acts around you, in the stable, when you put on his head collar or try to touch him, get him to stand still, tack him up or pick up his feet. But he can. Without guidance – or with inappropriate guidance – it is not surprising if you are having some difficulties.

Many Intelligent Horsemanship methods are really different from traditional practices. Without changing what you are doing, how could you expect your situation to improve? Learn from two of the most experienced IH Recommended Associates- we have over 40 years’ teaching experience between us.

Too many people horses and get no training at all in these areas, or are taught to do things in ways which we feel are more dangerous or ineffective. The consequences are not accidents.

Horses are generally pretty big and we believe it is not an optional extra for a horse and human both to learn how to get along safely around each other with a minimum of fuss. More injuries occur on the ground than from on board- make sure you don’t join the statistics! Being coached by one of us is certain to be much more effective than seeing a demonstration or DVD, because we can see what you do differently, and help you change what you are doing until you act more competently. The results are often spectacular.