Riding Skills – Integrated Equitation

Our unique, holistic approach to horse training, riding and care.

We help people integrate the practical and theoretical aspects of horsemanship and guide them towards a better understanding and enjoyment of their partnership.

This ex racehorse started with a pretty noticeable issue, something to do with the bit?

Wherever people are starting from, and wherever their aspirations lie, our goal is to empower and enable them to communicate with their horses with absolute clarity whilst using the least amount of pressure possible, whether physical or psychological.

Crucial riding skills we help people improve include:

·  The rider’s positioning, stability, movement and balance

·  The clear and ethical use of the aids

·  Confidence and communication issues

·  How to cope with emergency situations, including bucking and bolting

This photo was later in the same lesson of this horse and rider’s first clinic at Moor Wood

·  Lateral work without tears – it’s easy!

·  Transitions, including rein-back

·  The horse’s willingness to participate in the process

·  Safety issues, such as standing still

·  Hacking out happily

·  Responsiveness and forwardness

·  Gymnastic suppling of horse and rider