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Personal and Professional Development

Moor Wood is a very special environment. Where else can you find in the middle of the UK that is so quiet that most of the time you can only hear the wind in the trees, birds in the sky and a stream cascading naturally down a hillside?

We have been able to heal many horses and the partnerships they have with humans in this wonderful location. Now we are offering our very special herd, and home, as a venue for personal and professional development, in partnership with other expert professionals. These friends bring with them a wealth of experience in diverse and complementary areas such as corporate team building, group and private therapy, and outdoor adventure-based learning such as on ropes courses.

We offer three opportunities, singly or in combination, which we are happy to advise about. Please click on the links for more information, or feel free to contact us.

  • Corporate Team BuildingThe Horse Whispers Back, a one day or half day programme for teams of 4-16 persons, run in partnership with Samantha Southey.
  • Adventure-based learning with Robert Razz, a facilitator of enormous experience and humanity. Individuals to medium sized groups can be catered for.
  • Personal and small group therapy with outstanding psychotherapist Em Farrell, and one or more of our horses.