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So much can be done on the ground to enhance our education, connection and understanding of horses, whether they be young or old, troubled or not. From Join-Up™ or “being caught” and leading, from lungeing to working in hand with flexions and rein aids, from “manners” in the stable and around the yard to long lining, to spook-busting, to education about tacking up, from being calm for loading, clipping, the vet, or having feet handled- there is such a lot that we help people learn about horsemanship from the ground. Many horses cannot perform relatively simple tasks like lungeing, or standing still for grooming or mounting, and yet are ridden regularly- by riders who clearly do not have effective strategies for dealing with these issues. Yet you can set the scene for a ready understanding of each other when on board, and avoid a great deal of aggravation, if you know what you are doing on the ground!