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********** Lockdown Three Update**************

Under “work that can’t be done from home” regulations, with appropriate Covid precautions, we can visit you to help with your riding. However, if your horse is not at home, a livery yard may not allow outside visitors, and unless it is for safety or welfare reasons, you may not feel that the visit constitutes an essential journey for you.

Winter is an excellent time of year to get to grips with the theoretical aspects of riding, and also to work on your core stability and flexibility, off-horse.

We can do Zoom, Facetime, or Skype sessions, and these can be either theory-based or more practical, with you and your gymball in real time.

We have found telephone coaching to also be surprisingly effective: we speak to you in real time as you are riding, and ask insightful and relevant questions as we go. Your ability to notice what is happening and relay it back to us for further feedback is much enhanced, and this noticing skill improves your riding. Plus, you can easily take us out and about, which can be a very helpful approach for horses that switch off in the school.

You don’t have to have a problem with your horse to use this opportunity!

No travel fees involved, either!



We are delighted to now be able to offer freelance instruction on your own horse at your own yard. A great way to check your ongoing progress, deal with any issues that arise between you and your horse, or take you to the next level in your riding, handling, or ground-work.

We can give lessons in all  areas from leading to longlining to riding.

Charges are £50 per hour, plus £30 per hour travel.  Loyal customer bonus means you pay just £44 per hour if you’re a returning or continuing customer.

We are also happy to offer theory and dismounted sessions.

We  prefer to offer lessons to people who have previously been on a clinic or had a callout or tailored tuition. If you’ve never worked with us before, we would like you to book at least a two hour slot to start with – but don’t worry, not all of this will be in the saddle!