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Technology is a marvellous thing.

By October 9, 2015Uncategorized

It would have to be said that I am better with horses than I am with computers, and by and large this doesn’t bother me. But technology is moving along and although my iphone still won’t do the mucking out (I can get it to remind me to do so, however, and let me listen to The Archers at the same time), it seems there are ways in which life can be made easier by the careful application of some technical know-how. For this to work, it may be that the technical know-how must first be acquired, and I am duly devoting as much time as my brain will stand to looking into this newfangled techy stuff. Anyway, this is a little test to see if a new blog will automatically send out to those who have subscribed to the newsletters. You will see, if you look back through the archives,  that although I fully intend to write  more content more often, that you are not likely to lose large chunks of your life to reading my missives, which is more than can be said about logging onto Facebook, or sitting down with a friendly sheep/horse/cat/child…..

I hope you find the posts interesting and/or useful. Sensi had to post a few on recently (she’s been doing some guest blogging) because she had forgotten the login details for here. You might like to check that out, too, because the technology isn’t allowing me to add that RSS feed just at the moment. The posts on that site tend to revolve more around knitting (perhaps unsurprisingly) and life, and I will spend a bit more time working out the technology so that there aren’t posts in different places, but do come up under separate categories so you can safely ignore those that you don’t wish to read….

Wish me luck, my friends. Give me a tricky horse any day.

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