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If… (Poem)

By June 27, 2011August 19th, 2015If... (Poem)


Could I but glimpse through the eyes of a horse

Any horse

Breathe through his, her nose, to smell as strongly as they!

Any horse, even old Cobweb, with his rather poor sense of smell –

Just for a moment, to hear what they can hear…

Swivel my ears around like that – like eyes towards the sound I

Follow a mouse as it scurries across the stable behind me.

To chew sweet meadow herbs in the cool dew

But O to feel the things they feel

The hair – the skin,

To feel the fly and know it is not a horse-fly.

The muscle, the beating heart. To feel! Move as a horse!

The effort as my shoulders lift me up over the jump.

The rider bumps my back as I trot…

Ah, but most of all to know what things they think.

Could I be a horse, just for a day?

I should learn more in each moment than man can teach me in a lifetime.


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